Support is provided only in the personal chat of the Telegram. If necessary, you can connect via Skype.

Support is provided only in Russian, in compliance with social norms of morality. Rudeness, rudeness and incontinence can lead to a denial of support without a refund.

Appeals in support are accepted only after payment of the developer’s personal time. Calls without payment will be ignored.

The cost of one hour of personal communication is $20 usd, payment is possible in any convertible currency at the international exchange rate at the time of payment.

Payment is made for each full or incomplete 30 minutes of time. After the time has elapsed, the conversation is terminated and the user in the telegram is blocked (to avoid further spam), until the next payment is received.

Communication can be done not only on the master3 template, but also in general on the layout and templating. Other topics are ignored.

The answer is not guaranteed immediately after your appeal: you have a lot – the developer is one, and he also needs to sleep sometimes…

Payment Methods:

Please indicate in the purpose of payment, for what amount of time and for which matter payment is made.

All fields are required