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The standard (full) version of the template is available here.

Only the current version of the template is available for download.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Lite version does not contain the ability to override the index.php template and will directly overwrite all your changes with a direct update. For this reason, the Lite version does not contain an automatic update server.

  • Changelog

    1.1.4 (2019-10-22)

    • Fix <head> section connections for error page for a site in a domain subfolder

    1.1.3 (2019-10-21)

    • Fix output of pagination block for com_search component search results
    • Fix <head> section connections for error, offline and component pages

    1.1.2 (2019-10-02)

    • The markup of an overridden template of fields like calendar, file, media is fixed

    1.1.1 (2019-09-28)

    • Fixed layout of the com_users module's overridden default_params template

    1.1.0 (2019-09-22)

    • UIkit removed from the template in an independent extension. When you install the template if there is no UIkit library installed or if an outdated version is found, an attempt will be made to download and automatically install the current version of the library in the background. This update partially breaks backward compatibility in terms of using less or sass UIkit files: the paths have changed and you should refer to the /media/uikit3/ folder. The connection of basic files is done through HTMLHepler and is described on the repository page (later on the site will be a documentation section).

    1.0.5 (2019-09-21)

    • Implement auto including of the css/custom.css style file, if available
    • Fixed micro markup in mod_breadcrumbs module
    • Updated general description

    1.0.4 (2019-09-07)

    • Fixed server error when installing on unsupported versions of Joomla!
    • Update UIkit to 3.2.0

    1.0.3 (2019-09-03)

    • Update UIkit to 3.1.9

    1.0.2 (2019-08-29)

    • Update UIkit to 3.1.8

    1.0.1 (2019-08-18)

    • Fix of the component output template component.php
    • Fix of the offline page output template offline.php
    • Fix of the error page output template error.php
    • Added class for module wrapper block with unique module identifier: tm-modid-{id}

    1.0.0 (2019-08-10)

    • Release