Basic settings

# Parameter Versions

This parameter is purely informational and shows you the current template version and used UIkit.

# Parameter Files layouts

Allows you to bind the main overrided layouts of template to existing menu items.

The list of layouts is generated automatically from the list of overridden layouts files. The default layout in the list is not specified.

The list is in alphabetical order!

If to existing page several overridden layouts are linked then the highest in the list will be used.

If to the current page none of the overridden layouts are linked or for some reason a linked layout does not exist then the default one is used.

The parameters of the Logo image and the Logo title is used to display logo and site name, if for the current page none of the modules is published in logo position, otherwise these parameters are ignored.

If the current page is not the main, the position logo is a link to the main page of the site.

# A group of parameters Icons

Options of this group allow you to specify for a site favicon and apple-touch-icon.

Setting the Sidebars width allows you to specify the width of the sidebars in the section main. There are two sidebars and they both have the same specified width.

Sidebar A and Sidebar B settings allow you to specify the positioning of the sidebars relative to the main content. These parameters work in conjunction with the parameter Responsive specified for the section main parameter in the composite Section Layouts.

# Parameter To-top scroller

Enable and disable the scroll buttons to the top of the page. The default button is fixed is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Disabled by default.

# Parameter Show login form on the offline page

Allows you to display a login form on the page that will be displayed to users when the site is closed for maintenance. Disabled by default.

# Parameter Deny user authorization

Allows not to display login and registration forms. Is used in template overrides of User component and standard authorization module. Disabled by default.

# Parameter Setting a title for pagination pages

An indication of the page and (optionally) the total number of pages will be added to the page title and description. This action does not apply to the first page. It is used in all components using the standard Joomla pagination mechanism.

# Parameter System messages output

Sets the output mode of Joomla! system messages.

Alert box mode displays a standard message that you can close. This mode is used by default.

Popup notification mode displays a pop up message that will close on their own after a specified period of time.

# Parameter Notification position

The parameter associated with the parameter System messages output

Sets the positioning for a pop-up message when the option System messages output has a value of Popup notification. The default is top right.

# Parameter Notification timeout, seconds

The parameter associated with the parameter System messages output

Sets the interval time in seconds after which a pop-up message will be closed automatically. Default 5 seconds.