• Basic settings – files override control of the template main layout, logo settings, sidebars settings, output system messages and other settings
  • Head settings – Google Fonts additions, manage css and js file connections
  • Sections – the parameters of sections and module positions output
  • Modules – the additional parameters of module wrappers and their titles
  • Menu – settings for main (navbar) and mobile (offcanvas) menus
  • Lite version params – options related only to the lite version of the template
  • Overrides – overrides in template
  • API – the description of template configurator functions
  • API UIkit library – description of independent library functions for connecting UIkit files
  • F.A.Q. – answers to frequently asked questions
Основные параметры
Параметры подключений
Параметры секций
Параметры модулей
Параметры меню